About BrooklynRowHouse

BrooklynRowHouse is a diary and photo archive about the renovation of a 1906 Bay Ridge, Brooklyn row house.

Prior to buying the house, I had spent almost all of my adult life living in Manhattan industrial lofts and I was looking for a change. I wanted my own garage for my motorcycles and my very own stoop where I could hang out and chat with neighbors. I wanted to grow tomatoes and live without trucks belching exhaust fumes in my windows.

I was a one-third partner in a Brooklyn Heights restaurant and grew to love Brooklyn more than the Disneyfied makeover that was becoming Manhattan. A couple of restaurant regulars invited me for Christmas dinner at their new house in Bay Ridge and the neighborhood stuck in my craw. Except for the commute, it was exactly what I was looking for. A few months later, they called to tell me about a house around the corner that the owner was thinking about selling. I jumped at it before he got a real estate agent, and before he learned its market value.

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I'm a former professional studio, Broadway and road musician (bass, electric bass), recording studio owner and restaurant owner turned technical geek. Since I'm usually the guy holding the camera this is the most recent digital photo I've got of me. This was taken in the paddock at Daytona Speedway before a 146mph sprint. Back before I took on the task of renovating this house I was a passionate motorcyclist. I haven't had much time for that the past few years, which is just as well because I don't heal as quickly as I used to.

I had prior construction experience in my early years as a scuffling musician. I had converted a couple of lofts to residences and built a couple of recording studios so I didn't go into this renovation completely naive.

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The best place to start is at the Renovation Photo Diary. The blog is about current happenings at BrooklynRowHouse.