Renovation of a circa 1903 Brooklyn Row House


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Hi Steve,

I just won a factory refurbished Paslode 16 gauge cordless finish nailer on ebay. It comes with some kind of gas cannister so a compressor is not needed. A very long story - I need to remove my refrigerator - to remove it I have to remove window trim, window sill & floor trim in the kitchen. Then will need to replace the trim, running new trim in the refrigerator area. I plan to use the nail gun for this & then give it to my nephew who will be doing a lot of trim work in the fall and winter. Do you think this will be a good gift? Is it tacky to use it first?

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Personally, I prefer standard compressor-driven tools but the Pasilode tools are very handy for short gigs where you don't want to pull a rubber hose into your work area (which makes them particularly useful for working outdoors and on roofs too).

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How did your area make out this morning? Crazy Stable had lots of pictures of fallen trees - are you OK?

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My favorite second-oldest nephew just bought a townhouse in Annapolis (closing Jan 9th) and he would like to start a tool collection. I told him I would get him a cordless drill/screwdriver. The DeWalt's come in 12V, 14.4V & 18V - what is the difference? His first project will be repairing the deck where nails are coming out - I told him my husband used some special nails in our attic. Lots of people use screws on decks, he might go that route. He also may need to replace some of the decking. The townhouse is only 10 years old and already has beautiful molding & woodwork throughout, he really doesn't need any remodeling tools. I gave him our old circular saw and a once (mis)used reciprocating saw, his father said he may need those for the deck repairs.

My favorite oldest nephew has really been enjoying his Paslode nail gun. He went around the house and renailed a lot of molding. He also used his miter saw (your recommended saw) to put up new molding in the 3rd floor bedrooms. The second floor guest bedroom will become an inhabited nursery in Feb.

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That is for Dewalt's "Nano" lithium-ion cordless line, which are pretty expensive. Dewalt's NiCad cordless tools top at 24v.

Voltage translates loosely to torque. For serious work, I wouldn't go less than 18v for a drill. The downside with a 24v tool is weight.